Humanitarian Aid

Project RAY OF HOPE II & Project COVID Response for Vulnerable Communities:-

GLRA India has always been upfront in post disasters through rehabilitation measures of the affected and the victims, and been quick in providing emergency relief measures during disasters. Being a humanitarian aid organization, GLRA India with the help of our parent organization DAHW Germany extended its support (Project Ray of Hope II) for the people affected by Leprosy, TB and Disabilities through various interventions. GLRA through its offices, staff and NGO partners were in the forefront by implementing various measures like supplying foot operated sanitizer dispensers, PPEs, distributed food baskets and nutritional kits to the beneficiaries besides providing oxygen concentrators to the partner hospitals. Comprehensive health awareness and behavior change sessions on hygiene practices were also initiated through community outreach campaigns in villages and in urban slums. As the death toll and shortage of oxygen was at its peak during the second wave in 2021, GLRA India initiated a comprehensive model of ‘relief and rehabilitation’ for its prime beneficiaries, who were affected by Leprosy, TB, Disabilities & Lymphatic Filariasis with the financial support from DAHW Germany and Lions Foundation International, USA. On a war footing many GLRA partner hospitals were converted as COVID care centres and a total of 1729 seriously ill COVID related patients were treated. With the help of BEGECA Germany, 50 Oxygen concentres were supplied to 18 hospitals across India. Further GLRA India provided clinical care to all its partner hospitals and food kits to 20 locations in 10 states. GLRA also impart skill development to the marginalized, specially to the under privileged women. The self-help groups received the critical support they needed to face challenges that was accelerated by Covid-19!

Project ASAL UTTAR - Covid-19 Response in Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh

Impact of COVID 19 pandemic created a superficial semblance of control among the developed and advanced countries and its ill effects have transcended the realm of health in many parts of the world. The lockdown measures enforced to contain the spread of the pandemic, are reeling under economic and psychosocial distress. The pandemic left with a deleterious impact on the poor and marginalised and exacerbate the existing inequalities in India. The concerted efforts to safeguard the population from the Corona virus has largely been driven and thrust has veered on a medical model of care. A little or no focus was given on social wellbeing, needs of vulnerable population, health literacy, community level screening, participatory engagement at the grassroot level and strengthening resilience at the community level. To compact this prevalent circumstances, GLRA India with the financial support of MISEREOR Germany is implementing a two-year COVID response project in 2 vulnerable and high-risk communities in the slums of Agra, Uttar Pradesh and in the tribal areas of Sendhwa in Madhya Pradesh.

Transforming Lives and Restoring Confidence.