GLRA India works with the motto of “Transforming Lives and Restoring the Confidence” of those affected by Leprosy, TB, Disability, other NTDs and poverty-related diseases and conditions. We aim to establish a sustainable and healthy society where no one is left behind. We believe that the problems faced by the affected group can only be addressed when all the key stakeholders including government, non-government bodies, civil society, corporates, local communities, and individuals work together.

GLRA India is actively involved in various corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives and works together with corporate companies whose aim is to make a positive impact on the lives of marginalised and high-risk disease-affected groups. We strive to keep the affected people in the forefront by diligently adhering to industry standards, financial transparency, gender equality, child protection, do no harm policy, corporate visibility, etc. We have previously worked on various thematic areas including MDR Tuberculosis, health and education in schools, disability care, skill development and Women and Child Empowerment, Humanitarian Crisis, etc through CSR initiatives.

Our current CSR-partnered projects includes:

1. Project Nai Disha (TB) for Truckers by Schenker India Pvt. Ltd. (2022 - 2023 & extending)
2. Project Healthcare (General care & TB specific) by Apollo Tyre Foundation for Truck drivers & allied population (from 2021 and extending)
3. Nutritional support for MDR TB patients in 2023 by Nadiadwala Grandsons Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

GLRA India is open to meaningful partnerships with various other corporates, bilateral and multilateral agencies to expand our reach to benefit more people and promote inclusive and sustainable development. We have a robust monitoring and evaluation system with a strong emphasis set on achieving the targets to make a beneficial impact.

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Transforming Lives and Restoring Confidence.

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