“Our vision is a world in which no one suffers from leprosy, tuberculosis and other poverty-related diseases and the consequences they bring, such as physical disability and social exclusion.”


•  We feel obliged to uphold the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

•  We assist and co-operate with people regardless of their ethnic and social origin, their religious and political belief, their sexual identity, age and gender.

Our Organisation

• We are an independent non governmental organisation supported by donors, volunteers and staff around the world

• We collaborate with national and international players active in medical and social development co-operation and research. We form strategic alliances to achieve the best possible outcome.

• We finance our work with donations and public funds.

• The entrusted funds enable us to fulfil our statutory duties, both nationally and internationally, in line with the principle of economy and needs-based support.

• We consider ourselves as a link between people who want to help those who need help.

• We are responsible to facilitate the desire of our donors to change lives and provide professional medical and social assistance directly to the people.

• We visualize the connection between disease and poverty so that people act with empathy and solidarity in our ONE world.

The Core of Our Work

•  We actively assist on a global scale people suffering from poverty-related diseases.

•  We fight leprosy, tuberculosis and other diseases that lead to marginalization, stigmatization and further consequences.

•  The heart of our work consists of promoting medical and social projects. We focus on the needs of those with leprosy, tuberculosis and other socially excluding diseases and      handicaps.

•  As specialists, we support medical and social relief programs that al ow affected individuals to live a life in dignity and become empowered to be equal y integrated into society.

•  We support research conducted in the interests of improving prevention, diagnostics, therapy and medical-social rehabilitation for our target groups.

•  We take the requirements, capacities, values, and quality standards of our project partners into account. We maintain national and international standards and encourage self-   responsibility.