Vision and Mission


A world in which no one suffers from Leprosy, Tuberculosis, and other poverty-related diseases and the consequences such as physical disability and social exclusion.


  • We are committed to and with people around the world who suffer from diseases of poverty. We fight leprosy, tuberculosis, and other exclusive and stigmatizing diseases and their consequences.
  • The heart of our is the promotion of medical and social projects. We orient ourselves to the needs of people with leprosy, tuberculosis, other exclusionary diseases, and disability.
  • As specialists, we support medical and social aid programs that enable those affected to lead a decent them to participate equally in the community.
  • We support research to improve prevention, diagnostics, and therapy, as well as the medical-social rehabilitation of our target groups.
  • We take into account the needs, capacities, values, and quality requirements of our project partners. We adhere to national and international standards and encourage personal responsibility.

Transforming Lives and Restoring Confidence.