TB – Prevention and Care

India accounts for the world’s highest TB burden country with 23% TB affected people. TB is one of the major public health problems in the country. In-sufficient infrastructure, unreached population, migrations, myths and different health seeking behaviour are the key challenges in addition to availability and access to preventive, curative and informative TB services.

GLRA India is providing substantial support to National TB Program through its 15 partner NGOs covering a population of 30 lakhs in 11 states. GLRA partners offer services such as TB treatment unit, sputum examination, diagnosis, & treatment, contact screening, sputum collection & transportation besides spreading TB awareness through social mobilization campaigns. An overall 82% cure rate is reported among TB patients who received treatment from our partners.

GLRA India has initiated innovative projects  such as TB contact (house hold & social) screening in Kochi, Kerala, MDR TB home based care projects in Delhi & Jaipur and E-compliance treatment adherence project in Jaipur slums. GLRA is a sub-recipient of Global Fund Round9 TB ACSM projects in West Bengal – Axshya India until September 2015 and also part of the New Funding Model (NFM) projects in 9 districts.