St. Joseph’s Convent Dispensary and Leprosy Centre

(Geographical location : Arni, Tamil Nadu)

St. Joseph’s Convent dispensary was started in the year 1928 to provide health care to the people who live in and around of then North Arcot district.

Leprosy Services: Leprosy work was started in the year 1964. This center’s leprosy work was recognized by the Government in the year 1985 by allotting SET work. After integration of leprosy, the project covered Arni and Cheyyar urban area for urban leprosy elimination program. Since in inception 2142 leprosy patients were treated and cured by this project. A special group for leprosy affected people was formed and linked with another NGO, WEL (Women Education for Liberation). The project also constructed 10 houses for the leprosy affected in Pyoor.

Facilities: POID activities, Rehabilitation work, Awareness program on Leprosy, TB DOTS, CBR/SHG activities, Care after cure, vocational training, Job placement and building a leprosy colony.

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