Disability & Inclusion

Since our inception in the year 1966, we at GLRA-India, have always strived to extend our services towards those suffering from physical disability resulting from leprosy. The crippling disease is known to cause clawing of fingers and foot drop which makes the individual suffering from leprosy, to be disabled to carry out day-to-day tasks. Thus, disability caused by leprosy was always a thematic area that GLRA-India worked for. Providing physiotherapy services, splints support, and reconstructive surgery are some of the services through which GLRA supports leprosy disabled persons.

While GLRA has always been dedicated towards providing services to those disabled by leprosy, from 2012 we have extended these services, after a careful need and capacity assessment, to all individuals suffering from disability of any kind. Such individuals suffer from various socio-economic impacts of the disabilities, many a times making them unable to lead a life of dignity. Thus, we have broadened the scope of our work for disabled individuals and adopted the Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) approach to ensure their successful reintegration into society. Till date, we have served nearly 305750 individuals affected by disability. Here are some details about the projects we have undertaken for those suffering from disability.

Project Title Period Location
Community based Rehabilitation for People with Disabilities funded by DAHW Germany 2012-2016 5 blocks in 5 states
Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh & Uttarkhand
Mobile Physiotherapy unit funded by EKFS Germany 2012-2013 Baroda, Gujarat
Project Support to People with Disabilities funded by BMZ Germany 2013-2016 Sendhwa, Madhya Pradesh
Project SVJ – Sammalit Vikas Jankari
Improving access by People living with disability to information on public schemes funded by European Union
2014-2018 5 most backward blocks in 4 states
Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar & Odisha
Empowering Persons with Disabilities for Social Inclusion- Project Saksham funding by DAHW Germany 2018-2020 6 locations in 6 states
Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi & Bihar

Project Saksham

Most noteworthy of these projects is Project Saksham which aims at reaching out to a population of 1 million with an estimated beneficiary base of 20000 people with any type of disabilities, and their family members with children, women, poor, marginalized and socially deprived receiving special attention. The project is being implemented through GLRA Rehabilitation Fund and 6 NGO partners at 7 locations of the country. The project sites are located in rural districts except for two urban locations in Chennai and Delhi.


Reintegration using the CBR approach

The CBR approach encourages the use of simple methods and techniques that are acceptable, affordable, effective, and appropriate to the local setting. The approach, that is implemented through the combined efforts of disabled people, their families and communities, and through appropriate health, education, vocational and social services includes all facets of an individual’s life. The CBR thus, ensures that the disabled individual and their immediate surroundings are not just passive recipients of benefits but are actively involved in the rehabilitation process.

After adopting the CBR approach in 2012, we at GLRA-India have touched the lives of over 305000 persons with disabilities across 5 states of India. The aid received by the beneficiaries ranged from Skill development/vocational trainings / Job placements, Construction/renovation of houses, Seed money support to establish income generation / micro-finances to formation of SHGs & Disability people Organizations, and more work is underway in collaboration with our partner NGOs.

Apart from these projects and activities, GLRA-India actively advocates for the rights of the disabled, and facilitates the rightful financial and social benefits for this section of the society as prescribed by the Govt.