Lok Seva Sangam (LSS)

(Geographical location : Mumbai)

The organization was started in 1976 to tale care of the needs of leprosy affected people in the L and M wards of Mumbai city. The project also initiated several community development activities in the city specially for the marginalized people in the society.

Leprosy services: Being a field based urban leprosy control unit, project expanded its services to 1.9 million people under SET program. A total of 28,879 cases were registered since the beginning of which 23,005 cases were cured.

TB Services:

The project also established TB control activities from 2003 under RNTCP with 1 lab and 5 DOT centre. At present the project runs 4 DMC’s and 4 sputum collection centers and 19 DOT centers with 1023 cases of TB detected during the year 2010. Sputum positive patients treated since beginning is 3993 of which 3226 successfully completed their treatment.

Project also conducted massive community awareness program among school children, sensitization for general health staff and training for general practitioners.

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