Leprosy Success Stories


anushyacaseTo Anushya, life is just getting through each day. Working when she can sit up and receding into a quiet life when she is unwell.
She lives in Ambattur with her 80 year old sister who owns the house. She is unmarried and stays away from her other family members because she is affected by leprosy and will not be allowed to stay in a rented house.

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Johnson gets a sewing machine!

JohnsoncaseFor many years Johnson was affected by leprosy. He is 61 today and he stopped working ten years ago because of disabilities due to leprosy. He works now as a helper in a local cable network office. This job requires him to climb wooden posts which aggravate ulcers on his feet.

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Life through the eyes of Jayesh Sona Monkar

maheshJayesh Sona Monkar is a 21 year old boy from Thane district, Maharashtra. His father died before his birth.  His mother married again and the step father is an alcoholic. Jayesh dropped out of school after the 3rd standard. In 2009 Jayesh was brought to Vimala Dermatological Centre (VDC), Mumbai suffering with severe leprosy reaction

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