How can you be involved?

We at GLRA-India, believe that each individual can contribute and support in our cause to help those affected by diseases of poverty. This is why we value and appreciate your time and initiative. There are plenty of events, campaigns, and tasks within our different thematic areas where you can contribute your bit and help us take these initiatives further. Your voluntary support is highly welcome.\nFor more information on volunteering with GLRA India, please contact us at ho@glraindia.org.

How can you help us?

Be a Volunteer

Volunteer for us on events like Marathons, Art shows, Campaigns atyour convenience. Become our think tanks and our spokesperson.

Be a supporter

Understand our work and support us through donations

Refer a friend

Refer our name to your friends, family, work place or associates whoshare your passion to give the less privileged.

Sponsor our events / campaign

Get involved in any event or campaign. Let your support and our workmerge to bring change among the needy.

Organize a gathering

Organize a gathering in a club, association, family occassions etc.and give us an opportunity to speak to people about our work.

Champion our cause

Visit our social media sites and share us with your contacts.

Share your expertise

Your knowledge can help us improve our work systems and services


Share with us on Birthdays, Anniversaries, Special occasions andothers.