Gandhi Memorial Leprosy Foundation (GMLF)

(Geographical location : Balrampur ,Uttar Pradesh) 

GMLF Balarampur leprosy control unit was established in 1977 comprising 341 high leprosy prevalent villages in Purulia district covering a population of 360,000. Activities were diversified after integration to TB control, HIV/AIDS, Women Empowerment & CBR program. The vision & mission are leprosy & TB free society, main streaming of disabled persons through CBR.

TB Services: Purulia district is known to be high endemic to leprosy in the country. Over a period of thirty four years a total of 19,300 leprosy cases treated by this project. After integration of leprosy, project is actively participating in IEC campaign in 3 districts.

TB control support services: The project also supports RNTCP activities by depending lab technicians in remote government health centres (RNTCP LT scheme)

Facilities: Leprosy hospital, POID activities, RNTCP LT scheme, Awareness program on Leprosy, TB, HIV/AIDS, Treatment for the leprosy affected persons, CBR/SHG activities, Care After cure, Vocational training and job placement.

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