Disability Success Stories

Reintegration of two Specially Abled Children to school

Premlal, a 14 year old boy hails from Khapperkhedavillage of Sendhwa Block belongs to a very poor agrarian family. He has 4 sisters and a younger brother. They shelteredin a small thatched house in a very remote interior village with the care and support of their grandmother; she is 65 and suffering from different geriatric diseases. Premlal lost his mother during delivery of his youngest sister and he was 10 year old at that time.

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Munna, who fought the battle

The case story is about Munna, who fought the battle of a disease associated with discrimination and stigmatisation. When Munna was 16 year old he noticed a strange numb sensation on his body and a skin lesion on his left leg-a local doctor failed to diagnose leprosy and treated him with natural remedies. After a year his condition failed to improve so he was referred to a hospital in Chopada, Maharashtra. There leprosy was confirmed and he received Multi Drug Therapy (MDT) to treat and cure leprosy.

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DAYAL- A child with Disability

DayalDayal, 17 year old boy hails from Sendhwa in Madhya Pradesh.He belongs to a poor agrarian family of 9 members. He is the youngest to six elder sisters. Dayal’s father is a farmer and his mother is a house maker. They live in a small thatched house in a remote village. Dayal like any other child went to school, played with his village friends and helped his parents during the cultivation season.

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Accessible toilets

webSammalitVikasJankari [SVJ] project of GLRA India funded by European Union aims to improve access by People living with Disability (PwD) for information on Public Schemes in 5 backward districts in India. These districts are East Champaran and Kaimur in Bihar, Banaskantha in Gujarat, Barwani in Madhya Pradesh and Balangir in Odisha.

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Restoration of Mr.VirguNathPasi

pasiMr.VirguNathPasi a person with locomotor disability in Bhagawanpur block in Kaimur district Bihar has been living a stigmatized life in closed door for last 30 years.

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Mr. Ajay Bahadur Singh, a trainee

Ajay bahdurMr. Ajay Bahadur Singh a trainee with 75% of physical disability completed the computer training course said that through the joint efforts by…

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