Ever since Howard Bowen laid the foundation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the early 1950s, the term, its purpose, and its perception among the public and the philanthropy circles has changed multiple times. From being a means of publicity, to becoming one of the sectors looked at by the civil society and the public sector in a larger role, to being a sustainable and humanitarian cause, CSR is now more than mere mandatory casting away of funds under the philanthropy head in the books of accounts.

As corporates are consciously making a choice to advocate a social cause or extend help in solving humanitarian crises, there is a need for strategic CSR policies, which lead to more effective giving and on-ground implementation.

In an endeavor to make this possible, we collaborate with the private sector to execute projects across themes. With our professional expertise and grassroots experience, we ensure that the CSR funds not only impact the marginalized communities but also make the ‘giving’ experience more strategic for the organizations.